Sunday, January 04, 2009

The weekly pimpin'!

This Wednesday will see the publication of The Wolverine/Power Pack issue I drew - issue number 3.
Buy it, enjoy it.
i'll upload some preview pages if Marvel releases them to the public.
In the meantime, I'll be uploading the last third of SK8, working on issue 12 of Wolverine: First Class and Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds! shaping up to be a very exciting next few months!


At 11:58 PM , Blogger Michael said...

So what's the scoop on Legion of 3 Worlds? I assume that it's finished and being held back due to the delays on the regular "Final Crisis" issues to ship, right?

And can you say anything about the schedule that you and George kept to? For example, how often did you get pages, how long did it take you (on average) to do a page, how long did it take you to get an entire issue done, and when were each of the issues completed on your end?

"No comment" is an acceptable answer to any of these.

At 12:04 PM , Blogger Scott Koblish said...

Well, “no comment” feels really cold and unnecessary, but I don’t know if I have any illumination to bring to the subject. Frankly I’m enjoying myself so much on this book that I never want it to end.

I promise you that great care and attention is being given to it from everybody involved and I love how it's come along. DC’s been great, George is hard at work, Geoff is writing up a storm, I'm inking, the colorist is coloring, our wonderful editors are editing and everybody is working hard at putting the best comic book out that's possible, something that can last forever, and can be a crowning achievement for the Legion of Super-Heroes.

George and Geoff and Eddie and Dan will all be at the New York Convention when it comes along in another month, and I’m sure George’ll have a panel or Geoff'll have one, or there’ll be some sort of Legion panel, so lots of questions can be asked and answered from better qualified people than me, and issue 3 should be on the stands before the convention starts. I regret I won’t be able to make it out for the NY con this year, otherwise I’d be happily meeting all the folks who love the Legion as much as I do -instead I’ll be slugging through my work at home, watching the Newsarama video casts and listening to podcast events from the floor of the Con with everybody else.


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