Friday, December 26, 2008

SK8! Page Fourteen!

Another page that got added after the main sections of the book had been done. I don't know why I thought the book needed this, but I do know that the design of the page came first, as it seemed fun. I asked Matt give us some inner dialogue for Bucky, which, being the good sport he was, he provided. I thought it worked out ok, harkening back to the first page, where Bucky's narration is our lead-in. I still like the page design. Matt gets a little cranky about the subtle shifting of the art style, as SK8 and Bucky look a bit off model through the next few pages.

Matt sez:
"Many people in comics today would argue that this page needed no dialogue. The art, they would say, conveys the story without it. My script, they’d add, is redundant, didactic, and uncinematic. Voice over narration, they would offer, is old-fashioned, heavy-handed, and amateurish. To them I can only reply, “Fuck you. It’s my story and I love it.”


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