Monday, December 22, 2008

SK8! Page Eleven!

Oh yes - with page eleven - we turn it UP TO ELEVEN! That's one more than ten, you see.
Wow - does this page get packed with detail.
At the top of the page Apollo makes his first appearance - hospitals and ambulances still use his serpent-staff as their totem. Greek or Roman, if it was representative of antiquity, I co-opted it for this book. I'll be the first to cop to not always recognizing the difference between Greek and Roman mythologies and architecture, but I challenge you to tell me the difference between Methodists, Baptists and Lutherans. Freedom of religion in America means freedom from religion, and while the differences between religious sects meant murder in pre-revolutionary war America (as it most certainly did in Virginia and Massachusetts), today I have yet to meet anyone who even knows what the differences are. So - Greco-roman it is.

Matt sez:
"Today Rudolph Guiliani is lauded as being America’s Mayor. His bravery and leadership on 9/11 helped heal a horribly scarred city, but prior to 9/11—and no one seems to remember this but me—he was the most hated man in town. The press excoriated him on a daily basis for being a nasty, mean-spirited, fascist. It’s true. Go back. Look it up. I ain’t lying. Mayor Adolfo Benito (gee, that name also lacks subtlety, doesn’t it?) was a caricature of Rudy. In hindsight I regret writing the lisp because it’s hard to read, but in light of Rudy’s half-assed presidential bid and ham-handed hatchets jobs on Obama I don’t regret making fun of him one bit."


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