Sunday, January 04, 2009

SK8! Page Eighteen!

Aaaand we're back. If you'll remember, we're deep into the chase scene, still in progress. This page became the centerpiece of the chase scene for me, the complete halting of the race in order to rescue the baby.
I've scanned in the next dozen pieces, so any new interruptions should be slight. There are about 9 pages to go in the main story, I'll drop in the covers for issues 2 and 3 and some extras I found shuffling through the archives.
I'm impatient for the week to begin, there is a lot of work to be done and it's been hard to get a handle on the workweek when Violet is home and every Wednesday and Thursday are subject to the complete closure of all businesses great and small. Could 2009 contain as many maddeningly insane major events as 2008? Only time will tell!

Matt sez:
"Fun Facts about SK8!
#1) I conceived SK8 while riding on horseback in the Canadian Rockies. Originally he was going to be the Silver Surfer’s little, grunge brother."


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