Thursday, December 25, 2008

SK8! Pages Twelve and Thirteen!

Pages 12 and 13 are the first double page spread that appears in the issue. The middle panel splash of SK8 and Bucky going over the hill reveals the town in all of it's maddening glory. Roman architecture, aqueducts, etc., you can see the fires of Baby Babylon still burning in the background. The middle panel also has five points of perspective. You read that right - five. Only pussies whine about three-point.
Matt sez:
"SK8 will always be a source of pure unbridled joy to me. It was a wonderful excuse for me and my best friend to hang out, bullshit, and laugh our assess off while doing the thing we loved best. The pleasure I got making it was worth far more than any monetary success. Okay, that’s a lie, I’d rather have money, but the pleasure was definitely a close second. Look at these pages and you’ll see exactly what I mean."


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