Sunday, December 14, 2008

SK8! Page Six!

If you look closely, the EMT guys are trying to save Bucky's board, not Bucky.

This page is where I started to get a handle on what I was doing. I'm still very happy with this page today. Sk8's hand, his first appearance, is done with the same expression as found in the sistine chapel, reinforcing the savior angle. The Fireman in panel five is married. St. Elegis hospital is named after the TV show in the eighties, and it also seemed to fit the overall architectural themes - the Roman columns, the brick work. The last panel was my first real experience with text obscuring the artwork, but the "Roger Ober, Out" joke makes it fun. I think Dave did a very nice job placing the "Carnage. Death. Chaos." balloons. All the lettering was done on the boards - I wanted it that way so I could get a feeling of what the page looked like before I inked it. I'd pencil up the boards, give it to Dave and then tighten the pencilling up and ink it.

Here are some nice colors from the middle row - Matt tells me it was done by Simon Coleby, who is currently an artist on a book for Wildstorm, I think it might even be The Authority. Simon's a great artist, I have inked over him at some point, on Punisher 2099. Punisher 2009 is the last book to sell over a million copies to the direct market, and I dare anyone to knock it off it's perch as the title holder. It's been 16 or 17 years now, the champ looks pretty lonely at the top there. Comics aren't dead, they're just resting. Resting very well indeed. A nice 40 year nap?

At any rate- Simon is a good friend of Matt's and a good sport, since his color work never saw the light of day, until now. He did a fantastic job - it's very fun, and really the only way we got to show SK8 was blue. Thank heaven the the cover was in color.

Matt's corner! Matt sez:
"Check out the fine detail work on the last panel. I kept telling him, “Scott, it’s a friggin’ background! I’m going to cover it with word balloons. Nobody cares about the background!” Except for me, of course, I think it’s awesome. Getting these pages in my fax machine (yes we did this in the stone age) was always a visual treat, the best kind of eye candy. Thanks for the hard work, dude, but it’s all your fault the damn thing took so long!"


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