Sunday, December 14, 2008

SK8! Page Five!

We get back to the originally intended flow of the book here, as I believe this was originally supposed to be page two. I don't know if it works better as page two or page five. Some nice moralizing from Matt - he's always worried about the homeless, skateboarders, junkies and whores. All those characters were to appear as part of the cast in the first issue - Padre Pete (second panel) makes an appearance, the junkie (for some reason I think his name is John?) didn't make the cut - his scene was excised. i don't think the whore character or her little son made it either. The boy looks a bit too old here.

It also appears that the "savior of the homeless" has to destroy a few buildings before he starts up with the saving. I expect the Obama Administration will be faced with the same sorts of problems.

The Matt Corner! Matt sez:
"This page betrays Scott’s background as an inker. Few pencilers are capable of this level of textured inkwork. Much like painting, inking is all about light and shadow. Pencilers get the glory (and the money) but many inkers are just as talented. The next time someone asks what an inker does tell them he is a master of light and shadow. It’s pretentious bullshit but it ain’t wrong."


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