Thursday, December 18, 2008

SK8! Page Nine!

Gaah, rough day. Got up late, got to work late, got less done today than I wanted. It's always a very dicey emotional state for me as I hack away at the new pages I'm working on, even dropping a cup full of ice water can send me over the bend and into an emotional spiral that takes hours to extricate myself from.

Sk8 cock watch- covered by hospital worker's head in panel two. With this page, I was able to get a sheet onto SK8. I liked the sheet - it played up the Romanesque aspects, kind of harkening back to a toga and gave Sk8 something that accentuated his movement without using speed lines. Capes are useful, but I was surprised at how much better that sheet was.

Code Red, Pupil Response, all the crap from the best hospital drama - it takes them an hour, we cover it all in less then half a page. I liked panel 3, and I also liked the way the middle sequence of panels is isolated from the rest of the narrative by a unifying black gutter; it sets up a different speed for the reader to visualize time - it all should be happening at once.

We end this page with a nice little cliffhanger, much like the last page.

The haircut with the curls is pretty popular in Century City, I probably should have put it on both of the orderlies and not made the one bald. I kept making decisions that contradicted the Roman design sense in an effort to keep it a mish-mash of modern and ancient.

Matt sez:
"Okay, I admit it, I was going for the whole Christ thing. It’s a horrible, adolescent cliché disguised as art, I know, but it’s a writer’s right of passage. A friend once told me that the second coming idea was the single most common theme found in student films. So, much like masturbation and speeding, we all do it, but unlike them we should only do it once."

I'm comfortable doing all three. Some of them at the same time.


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