Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SK8! Page Seven!

Before I forget - please click on the image above in order to make it bigger. It will help. Honest.

Been under the spell of what I'm trying to weave for the next comic I'm pencilling, where I'm heavily into the layout stage, which is where i do all my heavy thinking. Fortunately, it's with characters I thought about as deeply as I've ever thought about anything, - it's nice to pick up the old obsessions sometimes. I don't want to lose the thread of getting these pages out somewhat regularly, primarily so James can sleep at nights.

Sk8's tatoos were an important part of establishing him visually, and I wanted especially to have something on his face, as well as his body, so I could identify him easily in a crowd. I think Matt suggested the tatoo over his eye - it's a spiral/"s" shape done with a little Kirby krackle. A lot of kirby krackle was used for whenever sk8 used his powers, but I realized I couldn't involve the eye that had the tatoo on it. i should have put some sort of tatoo on his hands, it's not 100% identifiable as SK8's hands in panels 9 and 10.

Bucky's arm is really f#$@ed up.

I worked pretty hard on that emergency room, but I don't think I used any reference for anything besides the gurney's.

I realized when I've drawn SK8 in the past few years I have not included his goatee. Odd.

Matt sez:
"Bucky is a great character to write because his volume is eternally stuck on 11. As you read the dialogue imagine a loud, frantic, high pitch rant delivered at machine gun speed, then double it."


At 6:51 AM , Blogger Isaac said...

Beautiful Krackle in that big panel. Very nice.


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