Thursday, December 11, 2008

SK8! Page Four!

Another page done after SLM dropped it's dot-bomb. I didn't realize how much was added and subtracted from the whole package until Matt and I spoke today. I'll post the Errata after I've posted the Juvenalia.
Mat writes:
"See that crackling energy effect in the third panel? It’s called Kirby Krackle, invented by Jack “King” Kirby and popularized in early issues of the Fantastic Four. Kirby Krackle always brings me back to childhood. Scott, workman artist that he is, knows all the tricks of the trade, but it’s interesting to note (at least to me) that many artists don’t know how to do it. Jazzin’ Johnny Romita taught me that the key to Kirby Krackle (say that five times fast) was not in the black circles, as many artists think, but in the scimitar like patterns between the circles. The secret of drawing Kirby Krackle is not to fill the white space with black circles, but to turn your thinking sideways and fill the black space with jagged white patterns. My friends, there is no man who thinks sideways more than Scott Koblish."


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