Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Eight Immortals! Page Seven!

More of Iron Crutch's story. One point perspective, just like misdirection, can also go a long way. I threw in some dirigibles. I threw in a design I'd been playing around with in the Jet Pack Pets - large football shaped buildings that could become possible only in the future or in the twisted world of the Jet Pack Pets. It's possible that I should have given this page another two perspective points, but they would have been so far away from my desk as to make it impractical, although you can see the problem in the design in one of the fighter planes in the upper right hand corner. It looks a little warped.

Still, I was always very happy with this page. I did a page very similar to it at Stan Lee Media when I was doing Mongorr's coming-of-age story (I only got 3 pages in, I'll post them at some point, maybe in April or May), so I swiped myself.

The date referenced is a bit of a shout out to the 2099 franchise over at Marvel, Matt was an assistant and then an associate editor of the franchise. Only 90 years to go, although when we were working on it, it was over 105. If my daughter lives as long as my grandmother has, then she will see the year 2099 without any problem. I imagined that the city limits had come much closer to the Great Wall than they currently are.

Matt is currently lashing himself to sleep as he crumbles into despair thinking about the Eight Immortals. Here are a few of his slurred ramblings-

"'Where do you get your ideas?' Every Comic Con writer Q&A sooner or later ends with that query and every writer answers it with a bald ass lie. 'In a burst of inspiration!' 'From the hand of God!' 'My muse!' Bullshit. Writers get their ideas from other writers; books, movies, and TV. Period. Eight Immortals is based upon the ancient characters of Chinese legend. I freely admit I stand on the shoulders of Asian giants. Iron Crutch is a fucking brilliant tragic figure—an immortal body that just happens to be that of a leper! What a way to spend eternity. The future plotline was (I thought) a clever twist, a break from all the ancient/mystic stuff. The basic notion was—his immortal, why can’t he be in the future?"


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