Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Eight Immortals! Page One!

In retrospect, this book has a tiny, tiny font size. Please click on the image and you will get a larger version that you will hopefully be able to read. I urge you to complain if you are unable to read them, and I will attempt to rectify the situation.

I have decided to start with The Sage's story. When I showed this book to Marvel, I was told that Marvel doesn't do things like this anymore, which is fine with me. I love working at Marvel, but I don't need the competition.

I can't remember how I came up with the background, but I do remember wanting to have something cool and easy to draw, so these concentric circles and the sweeping lines that cross in and out of the circles seemed a pretty cool idea. i wanted to steer away from Stve Ditkos design sense, although, again, as it was pointed out to me, even Marvel doesn't do that anymore. I'm reminded of that criticism every time I watch the Brave and the Bold cartoon, a really well put together and fun show, but DC doesn't do Batman like that anymore.

I watched a youtube process interview with Alison Bechtel, who draws the excellent "Dyke's To Watch Out For" and frankly, it is a miracle that cartoonists are able to get anything done with all the steps that have to be taken. If you want my honest answer about what I have learned about cartooning in the last 30 years is that there is neither enough time nor money to get everything done once you decide to be a cartoonist. You are all forewarned.

Matt's calm and reasoned thoughts about our lovely 8 immortals follow-

"I love Eight Immortals, I love Eight Immortals, I FUCKING LOVE EIGHT IMMORTALS! Every single frenetic, overwrought, Stan-on-steroids page is forever branded into my heart. I want carved onto my tombstone for all eternity to know — here lies a delusional gob who thought Eight Immortals was the Citizen Kane of published pulp."

I hope the mortuary doesn't charge by the word, if that's what Matt wants on it. Personally, i like the gravestones that have those little tv's on them, showing scrolling pictures of the deceased. I can't imagine that holograms can be far behind.


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