Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Eight Immortals! Double-page spread! Pages Two and Three!

Click on the image for a larger version. I will check to see that you can read the text, but it's a pretty big file as it is.

This is the double-page spread for the issue. Always good to have these, forces you to think horizontally, which is a nice break from thinking in vertical layouts all the time.

Matt's thoughts made visible in the following paragraphs-
"I did the lettering! Me. All of it. Every single word balloon, caption box, and sound effect was handmade in Illustrator. That’s why the text is too small. I felt guilty about covering up the art so I ran down the point size to minimalism the damage.

Blame the verbiage on Scott. The reclusive hunchback is the only penciller in the history of the medium to encourage the writer to do MORE. I kept telling him, “Dude, I’m covering up your art.” “It’s okay, man, go, I love it.” I’m jealous of every writer who’s lucky enough to work with this hermetic, madman. The Immortals story is mine and the words are mine, but the inspiration is all him (which sounds like a compliment but really means I get the credit and he gets the blame).


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