Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Eight Immortals! Page Six!

A little misdirection goes a long way.

I have rather fond memories of drawing this page - I was living with Katie in the guest house in Santa Monica and was dividing my time between the Immortals and The Incredible Hulk. That Hulk run was notable for it's near complete lack of the Incredible Hulk, who appeared in 4 pages out of 132. The book at the time would have probably been better titled "The Rather Credible Adventures of Dr. Banner," and although I really was very excited about the book when I was working on it, (it was a great direction for the Hulk, with a series of genuine mysteries and I really clicked with how Stuart Immonen was drawing), I became less excited when it became clear to me that the mysteries that were being explored in the book weren't things that were ever meant to be solved. I still thought it was cool, there was a lot of great stuff, the vampire chick mystery was awesome and wrapped up cleverly, I just felt disappointed about the book after I left it.

Anyway, here's Iron Crutch's story, I've moved it up to second, and will tell the General's story third in order to tell that all in one shot.

This page is notable for the first argument I lost with Matt - the translation of the character is either Iron Crutch or Iron Stick, and I was worried that Iron Stick sounded too close to Daredevil's mentor "Stick", so I really pushed for Iron Crutch, it was original, it sounded crazy, and it tied in with his physical ailments and the theme of health and medicine that Iron Crutch caries with him. I lost. Iron Stick. I will still call him Iron Crutch to my grave, but Matt won this one.

Matt's comments-
"How fucking narcissistic am I? (That’s a rhetorical question, wise-ass) I just read and re-read this page four times and it gets better every time."


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