Saturday, February 14, 2009


Felt very swamped the past few days, so i haven't posted anything. Blew my shoulder out somehow, so i've got it covered in heating pads. the perils of drawing 24/7/365/32+years.

"Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds" seems to have gotten a positive response, so I'm grateful it was received well.

I've been slugging away drawing Wolverine: First Class and a few pages of Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil.

The first issue I did of Wolverine:First Class (#12) will hit the stands in about 10 days and I'll post some art when they upload the preview to the fan-sites in a week. I hope everyone enjoys it. Fred did an excellent job with the scrit and the colorist worked his patootie off. The schedule skips ahead for me to issue 15, which I'm currently working on this month. Lots of fun stuff in that issue, the excellent and talented Peter David is writing it. Lots of neat Kitty and Logan interaction- clearly Peter has a daughter, as do I, so it's great to see where he goes with it. The solicits for that'll be up in a few days.

Violet is wearing her tap shoes, a christmas dress and pink pants. She is currently tap dancing while watching "Handy Manny".


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