Monday, January 26, 2009


Relaxing a bit from the burst of activity at the Janus of the year. My work opened and closed the year in a flurry of activity that is only now starting to ease into a steadier pace. Issue 12 of Wolverine: First Class is finished, I'm a third of the way through the layouts on 15 and starting to put the pages to the boards, i understand that Issue 3 of Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds is all set to come out, and should be on stands the Wednesday before the New York Comic Book Convention. That'll be very good for George and Geoff, since I think it might take a little pressure off of them when they meet the legion of Legion fans in NY.

FC:Legion #3 is a pretty big issue (well, really, they all are pretty big - a lot of stuff is going on in each issue) and it focuses on another leg of the legacies the 31st Century inherited from the 21st. It was really fun to ink some characters I'd never gotten to ink before. At this point in the story the Zero-Hour Legion and the current Legion are being integrated into the action and it's becoming increasingly complicated. One of the most interesting things for me to watch as the three teams integrate is not where the teams duplicate, but where they diverge. Three Lightning Lads are interesting, but only 2 Cosmic Boys, one Blok, one Andromeda, two Sun Boys, XS, as well as the variations you can get in character concept- the two of Sensor/ Projectra, the Light/Lightning Lasses, etc. It's very interesting to me.

Wolverine: First Class #12 was a tremendous amount of fun for me personally - it's the first time in nearly a year since I've gotten to work with Fred Van Lente, and the story took place immediately after a story I'd completely memorized when I was 11. It was a real kick to circle back in time and be able to draw it. Magneto's island was a tremendous resource, what on earth ever happened to it? Was it ever referenced again after the Belasco story line with Illyana?

Lovin' my work these days.


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