Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SK8! The Cover to Issue 3!

Oh, and it was going to get crazier.

The set-up we had for Pennance and the Pontiff were only set-ups for the real enemy, who was the devil incarnate, seen above in his earthly incarnation as a Marlboro Man. Once SK8 fought him to an initial standstill there were to be casualties - a supporting goth girl character was going to be turned into a monkey, the Pontiff would turn into a dragon and would be slain by the revivified Knight (known forevermore as the Knight of the Living Dead - steal my ideas, will you?! I will hunt you down.), whereupon Bucky was, I think, to be murdered and dragged down into Hell. SK8, the Knight and Tzontemoc (the living skateboard) follow Bucky and the devil into hell, where the Knight is faced with all those he killed in the Crusades and the devil grants Tzontemoc, the trickster, his human form and is then torn between helping the devil or helping SK8.

But Noooo, you all had to cut that short by not buying the first issue. Well, I hope you're all happy.


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