Sunday, January 18, 2009

SK8! how it would end!

These two pages are how it was gonna end. I remember drawing the next to last page, but I can't find it. so the next to last page here will be one of those overworked layouts.

the last page- I can only find the color version done by Simon Coleby (he of the Authority). Simon kicked out the jams.

I have some designs and sketches for a relaunch of SK8 Matt and I thought of six years ago, so I'll post those, take a bit of a break (since I'll be done with my most recent script of Wolverine:First Class in the next day or so), and then in February, I'll post the Legends of the Eight Immortals, which was the flip side of the comic alongside SK8.

thanks everybody for reading these - James, thanks for suggesting you wanted to see them, it's been weird unearthing this whole thing, but fun!


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