Monday, January 12, 2009

SK8! Page Twenty-Five!

Ida Maria rocks- (pronounced Eh-tah Maria). She's coming to New York later in the week, so get out of your tiny cramped apartment and go to see her. She's like a cross between Bjork and Joan Jett, not a bad box to put somebody in.

I won't be coming to the Wizard L.A. Comic Book convention, since it no longer exists. If it existed, then that would be a different story. Instead, I'll probably just get more work done, just like I'll get more work done while not going to the New York Convention. I will try and be at the Baltimore Convention in the fall and I'll make more noise about it as the days get closer.

George W. Bush is a complete asshole and a real failure as a steward of the nation - I hope that the press shuns him, so I never have to think about everything he fucked up over the last 8 years. Worst_ President_ Ever.

Well, getting close to the end of the story part of the internet presentation of SK8. I've got some covers, layouts and some errata that I'll post next, so this will probably go into next week.

I've enjoyed the discipline of putting this thing up on the web, so I think I might cover the flipside of the SK8 comic and put "Legends of the 8 immortals" up next.

Remember, all these are copyright Scott Koblish and Matt Morra 2003, so when your blue skateboarder with a talking skateboard shows up on the convention circuit, so will I.

Matt's final comments will come next time. Gonna make you wait for your daily dose of Morra. You will cry "We want Morr-a Morr-a" i still maintain he should have named his children I. Juan and N.O.


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