Thursday, January 08, 2009

SK8! Page Twenty-Two!

I so remember feeling like I had cheated on this page, but the truth is I did just enough. The design of the panels worked best and the dialogue more than made up for the lack of detail in the windows in panel two. In panel one i scratched the brick detail in after I blacked in the silhouette of the church. Katie had another round of oral surgery today, so I'll post page 23 today and get back to posting on monday. Things're just going to be be too crazy around here to keep up with. I've got a lot of work to do for Wolverine: First Class and I need to focus on that for a few days.
Matt Sez:
"I once joked to a friend, “You know and I know that the whole religion thing is probably made up bullshit but just in case it isn’t, don’t you want to avoid pissing off God? This page proves that I don’t. It’s also about as perfect an example of visual storytelling as you’re ever going to see. Note the camera shots. Up. Down. Close. Establishing. Clean, simple, and perfect. Bravo."


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