Thursday, February 28, 2008

so jazzed!

Just finished a double-page spread for MA Iron Man #12 and boyo- am I jazzed! It turned out nicely. I wish I could show it - you'll just have to buy the book in late April- The 11th issue ships at the end of March, so if you buy that you can tide yourself over until April..
March is shaping up to be a really busy month,and I'm actually pretty excited about going to the L.A. Con - I want to see if DC will leak what I'm working on next. The Con is scheduled for about 10 days before what I'm working on will be revealed in print in the pages of Action Comics 863. Should be fun to see all my Marvel friends again too - since Marvel showed up en mass to the last one, it stands to reason some of my favorite folks will be there again! It was really nice to talk to Kitchen T - it was the longest we got to talk in ages-
I'll probably do some stuff at the Platinum Booth too, just a few drop ins to help sell a few remaining copies of the Weapon and find out what their slate of movie and teevee projects are up to now that the writers strike is over.
Back to work!


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