Sunday, February 24, 2008

Watching it roll out-

One of my projects is in the process of being teased out as the Convention Season begins. It's interesting to see how they dribble the info out, building up some excitement by dropping hints. I'm curious if they'll announce it fully at a convention before the promotional art is printed, or if they'll wait. I don't see the point in waiting necessarily, but I'm guessing they make it a little tough on themselves at these panels on purpose, slipping up a bit here and there so that people can puzzle out a riddle. I think back on when one of the Marvel Editors teased about what they were excited about and he replied "Amazing, Amazing Amazing." I had no idea it was a clue to anything.

I'm absolutely exhausted and the week is only beginning. i've been up late inking and pencilling and doing what I love to be doing (just not at this pace). I have no one to blame, except the devils of scheduling. I'll catch up. I'm on time with one of my projects, a little ahead on another, a little behind on another and somewhere beyond all time and space with another. I was able to ink 4 pages this weekend and pencil and ink one. Just a matter of keeping up the pace of working every day until May rolls around and I can get some breathing room. I've turned down more work in the past two months than I did in the last year (not really, but it feels that way)

On the plus side- I'm very excited about everything I'm doing. The Marvel Adventures Iron Man issue looks great and American Dream is a wonderful book - Todd's Naucking it out of the park (har har)!


At 6:42 AM , Anonymous Mike said...

Reading the panel recap isn't the same as being there, 'cause reading it online there's no chance you'll be taking home the shirt Dan Didio wipes the sweat off himself with and tosses into the audience.

At 8:36 PM , Blogger Scott Koblish said...

there's always ebay-


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