Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rest in Peace Steve-

Well, yesterday the phone lit up with folks letting me know that Steve Gerber passed away.
I knew Steve at Stan Lee Media and then knew him closer through a project we were working on, and then abandoned. I still have the treatment and the sketches I did for it. I wish we'd made it. It really just suffered from lack of time - on both our parts.
There's probably a warning in here about the works of Ozymandias, but I've always thought that poem was it's own rebuke - certainly Shelley's remarks have long since outlived his own working life. I think Steve's characters and concepts will live on in their own strange ways past his mortal life. I think he's very lucky in that regard, if luck can be spoken of in the hours following his untimely death.
Immortality of our thoughts and conceptions -
Ah, to even get a shot at that - Steve Gerber certainly provided works that will influence generations yet unknown, and will give them something to read and to think about as they hurl toward their own final curtains. Influence over the wayward path of mankind; Steve Gerber showed us his deep footstep in the march of our own dreams.
Rest in peace.


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