Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Eight Immortals! Page Thirteen!

A good book is out there - Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo. Africa went from 10 percent poverty in 1970 to 70 percent in 2008, while nearly a Trillion dollars in direct aid to african governments flowed, while over the same period that China managed nearly the reverse. Her concerns seem to manifest themselves around the paternalistic and damaging government to government aid that eliminates the incentives for african governments to go about the real business of governing it's people. She had a great interview with Charlie Rose the other day too.

Click on the image above for a larger view.

Matt had a nice set of captions here that add a lot of positive information about The General. I miss captions in comic books - imagine that page without the captions and you would get very little information or subtext, just what you see. Comic books share a lot of things with various media and, personally I didn't like seeing the popular elimination of prose from the bag of tools that comics has to draw from. I felt it was a nice addition from the novel that comics could pick up on. There's been a lot of focus on playwriting in our media in the past few years, and while I enjoy how it has opened up the medium to different interpretations, it still feels a little empty to me. But, hey, I really like Shakespeare and Dickens and John Irving novels; I feel more comfortable with denser works.

Matt's comments for the day!
"I confess my inspiration was early Doctor Strange. Back in the day when Stan was writing and editing eight (dude, eight?) books a month. Doctor Strange was clearly the favorite. The Man’s love of the Master of the Mystic Arts dripped from every page like man-goo on Miss September."


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