Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Eight Immortals! Page Twelve!

Remember to click on the above image to get a proper glimpse of the page. We are working on a better presentation.

To James, Isaac, Michael "Legion Omnicom Guy" and Mike L., you are all welcome here, we will make our own goshdarn community. Besides, my ego wouldn't be satiated if I had 10 more fans, or 10 million. Like Bill Clinton, it will never be enough to replace the emptiness in my soul.

"Too much of everything is not enough"

So - we're deep into the General's story; the great thing about the Eight Immortals is that there are so many period pieces that can be explored. This from the time of the various Kahns of the Mongolian/Chinese border. Lots of rich fertile story to go along with this. The first three pages of the General's story have text, then we veer into the parts of the story that we never completely finished.

My horses could use a little work, but I was happy with the montage. Not a lot of comic artists try montage today, it's a bit of a holdover from the 70's.

On page 17, careful eyes will see that I stole directly from John Buscema in the first panel. Nobody drew a man hacking his way through a crowd like John Buscema. I often think of big John riding the subway, dreaming of ways he could hack through the crowd in order to slay some giant spider-god at the apex of the stairwell for the 34th street exit of the "F" train. His lovely granddaughter was my editor on a project at DC briefly, she was very sweet, and probably dreamt of hacking her way through the crowd too. All this to put Matt's comments into stark relief.

Matt's comments for the day-
"Buscema would be proud!

I had this big, coffee table book on world mythology. Inside was a wood carving of the “Eight Drunken Immortals.” And that was it, I was hooked. Frantic googling and multiple trips to the used book store revealed that the Eight Immortals were the superheroes of the ancient world. I was blown away. I felt like Indiana Jones of the 25th century unearthing the X-Men. More amazing was that fact that they didn’t exist in any movie, TV show or book. It was the holy grail of homage fiction. Any one of these characters would have made a great book. We simply had to do it."


At 3:06 PM , Blogger Isaac said...

Hey, man -- maybe you have a few readers who don't leave comments. But I for one am really pleased to see this stuff available for general perusal.

And the only traffic I really get over at Satisfactory Comics is people looking at Mike's post with a naked Uma Thurman in it (from back in July '07).

(Never mind the fact that we give useful drawing tips from time to time...)

At 5:29 PM , Blogger Scott Koblish said...

I don't mind being in this forgotten corner of the web. It's my corner, at least. The dig at Heidi was probably ill advised, but I was a little cranky at not getting a response. if I can't be cranky on my own blog, when can I be cranky?

I am pretty sure there's only a handful of us here.

I haven't gotten a counter, but I've thought about it - just uncomfortable with the privacy provisions. Any leads on a good counter without draconian big brother provisions?

Uma Thurman was very beautiful back then, I forget when, but I soured on her at some point. No real reason, I guess...

At 11:50 AM , Blogger Isaac said...

I mostly use Google Analytics to keep track of how many visitors we get. That's how I know the Uma-as-Venus entry keeps luring in the casual hits. (They don't explore the rest of our site, though.)

(Over the past year: 20,815 visitors to that page, which is 39% of all total visitors. Our next-post-popular single page has only 3,186 hits.)

The cool thing about Google Analytics, though, is that it also tells me what search terms lead people to our blog. That's how I know what to do for "Doodle Penance" each weekend.


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