Monday, March 30, 2009

The Eight Immortals! Page Sexteen! No wait, Sixteen!

Click on the above Image to get a better view of the mayhem and bedlam.

While I'm waiting for another page of Final Crisis: Legion of Three worlds to dry, I'll upload page 16 of the Eight Immortals! Very exciting here, as we come down to the last few pages of the General's story. Quan Zhong creates a tremendous amount of damage, all to the tune of some choice cuts from "The Art of War." Someone should soundtrack that book, much as Margo Guryan did with Bush's 16 words about Yello'cake from his State o' the Union in 2003.

Just as a side note, there will be a few pages that I pencilled and inked in Marvel Adventures: Super-Heroes #10, starring Ant-Man as he faces off against the Sandman!

Matt writes!
"Here - the actual text that was to have run on this page-
Panel One
CAPTION: 6) Cut off your enemy’s support system…

Panel Two
CAPTION: …but be mindful of your rear flank.

Panel Three
CAPTION: Once support is severed, chaos will ensue.

Panel Four
CAPTION: 7) When the enemy is in a state of disarray…"


At 5:27 AM , Blogger Isaac said...

That reminds me of the fight in Legend of runken Master where Jackie Chan fights an axe gang in a two-story bar, and they wind up destroying the whole building. Am I remembering that right?


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