Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Eight Immortals! Page Fifteen!

I did not know this, but there was a novel, in 1967, and a comic adaptation in 1992 of "James Bond Junior, 003 and 1/2."
I was thinking about James Bond the other day, as Steve Bunche had put up a list of awful James Bond films, and I thought, does JB ever meet any of the other agents? 006, 999? Also, doesn't it imply that there are less than a thousand agents lurking about in the Queen's service? Doesn't that sort of tip her hand? If he's just the 7th agent in a series and there is no 8th, wouldn't the numbering tip off an expectation of at least hundreds of losses?When Marvel would send out checks, I would count the serial number to see how many employees were paid in between my last check and the new one, it was a pretty reliable gage of the amount of freelancers Marvel employed in a single two week period.

Click on the image above to get a better view of the page.

When I was a boy, around 003 and a half's age, Joe Kubert took me aside and told me I should always try and draw a silhouetted panel on, if not every page, every few pages or so. It didn't seem like time saving advice, as he really wanted me to pay attention to the placement of the elements. I've since let that one sink in, I don't consciously try to do a silhouette a page, but shading in silhouette seems to have popped up here in the Immortals quite a bit. I used it on page 14 to hide a little bit of the violence in panel one and again here in panel two as the General takes out the archers. I also used a strobe image to denote action, and threw in a long tall first panel to vary the panel layout. I've been trying to change up my panel layout in Wolverine: First Class, George does a fantastic job of changing things up and making the narrative flow very dense, but readable in FC: Legion of Three Worlds (Issue 4 is due out soon, probably in April sometime).

This page works silently, but there are captions that would have been palced over the art - Matt has those captions to share with you in:

Matt's Comments-
"Here is the text for page 15-
Panel One
CAPTION: 3) Always seek the high ground.

Panel Two
CAPTION: Once attained, it must be secured of enemies.

Panel Three
CAPTION: 4) Never let the enemy know your true strength. Always keep a secret weapon.

Panel Four
CAPTION: 5) Explosives are an excellent distraction."


At 9:30 AM , Blogger Isaac said...

I always thought that Bond's "Double-Oh" number was reserved for people with the "kill or be killed" license -- which would imply that there were only nine of them at a time, unless you want to imagine a number like "0013."

I don't know whether a higher number, or one with a different prefix, indicated a different level or type of agent. I never read the novels.


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