Thursday, March 05, 2009

the Eight Immortals! Bios! Quan, The General!

The real powerhouse protagonist in the group, the General has a disadvantage in that his story is one of the saddest lessons in the Tao to be taught. Matt had a pretty good story laid out. Still would love to get to tell it.

from Matt's bio on the character-

"A former army general, Quan Zhong is the only member of the Eight who has formal military training. He carries numerous weapons and is well schooled in the martial arts.

His color is green. His symbol is a feather fan he uses to revive fallen soldiers. His animal is the chimera. He is the patron of soldiers. He is calm, confidant warrior, but also proud and aggressive.

The General is tall and muscular, a leader of men. His upper torso is exposed, revealing a tattoo of the Chimera. His long hair is gathered in two coils, one on either side of his head."

A gentle reminder that my copyright will be bigger than yours.


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