Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Eight Immortals - Bios! Horse!

All of the Eight Immortals are just the most fun for me to draw, and to this day I am unable to choose which one i like best. Almost all of them came out perfectly in the first sketching pass except for Horse - i initially drew him closer to what the General looked like, but with a more fatter body shape. He was heavy, but not terribly so, mostly around the mid-drift - Matt suggested he be much bigger and the result was a big improvement. The newer sketch spoke to very out of control appetites, which worked very well to establish his character.

Matt's bio on the character:

"Horse a.k.a. the Nobleman - Cao Kuo

Born of royal blood, Cao Kuo rejected his materialist ways out of shame and left for the life of a simple monk.

The Nobleman is spiritual and meditative. His symbol is the castanets, which he plays in a soothing and relaxing rhythm to facilitate meditation. They also allow him to travel throughout the universe. He also enjoys wrestling and hand to hand combat.

His color is brown. His symbol is castanets. His animal is the spirit horse. He is the patron of nobility.

The Nobleman is fat and hairy. He is friendly and outgoing. He enjoys eating and drinking."

I love the color and animal coding, it felt right, and helps to establish a lot of exciting possibilities... Posting these things makes me want to get back to doing more with these characters. Maybe i will - I found a really nice 22 page script that Matt had done for the Hermit, and I think it would work very well to do in the inkwash style I did the little charity sketch cards in.


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