Friday, March 06, 2009

The Eight Immortals! Bios- The Hermit!

Chang Kuo - the oldest of the eight immortals; the Hermit.

My favorite part about this sketch - he has no pants. Well, I think he doesn't.

Matt's bio of the old man-

"The oldest of the Eight Immortals, Chang Kuo-Lao was once a high official to the emperor. He sits backwards atop a magic, white mule that can fly thousands of miles in a few moments. The mule is magical. When not in use, the Hermit folds it up like a paper doll and puts it in his pocket.

His color is blue. His symbol is the phoenix feather. His animal is the mule. He is gentle and patient. He is the patron of the elderly and couples seeking fertility.

The Hermit is very old, bald and has a long white moustache and narrow beard."

I stand by the no pants, which as a policy might also serve to illuminate his domain over curing infertility, and give you a little insight as to how a guy like that might jump-start couples therapy. I'm sure in the book, I would have had to put pants on him, but not after a fight.


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