Thursday, September 20, 2007


Paul Mounts did a spectacular job with the cover to issue 4 of the Weapon-

I started out with a shot of The Weapon leaping toward the reader-

i liked it fine, but I wanted something in the background. i thought about some shots of downtown Honolulu or the lava pits of Hawaii Volcanoes park, but couldn't decide before nightime. Before I fell asleep - I thought of rain in diagonal streaks. So I sat down on the computer, made a completely black background and drew some streaks in photoshop and then merged the image of Tommy on the photoshop document. I made some droplets bouncing off Tommy with the eraser tool.

and then Paul did his magic and made me look like a genius. I gave him another layer of rain that he could put on top of the main layer and when the rain was overlain it made the image look less flat.

Voila! Kickass cover!


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