Sunday, September 02, 2007

Never say Never, but- Try Never To Complain

Boy, I hadn't had time off in four years - i worked every single day for over a thousand days straight and now that I have the day off I'm going slowly insane with boredom and financial worry. I don't know what's better - having so much work that I feel really overwhelmed or so little work that I feel really overwhelmed. Doesn't strike me as a good deal either way.

Still, I worked on 6 pages for the next Iron Fist issue this past week and that felt nice - it stretched a different set of art muscles for me and gave me a little time to think about my art style - I did the bulk of it in a very thin, somewhat wavery (for me at least) thin pen style to fit waht the previous artist had done with it. I think it turned out ok, I felt like I was a little heavy handed with the first 2 pages I did, but I loosened up and gave it what I felt was a nice delicate line in the end.

I liked the script quite a bit - by Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker - it seemed like it took a few unexpected turns, but was clear in what it needed and where it was going. Good dialogue, fanciful locations.

Maybe I'll do a sketch of Iron Fist today - I like the character and I did finishes on a miniseries by Butch Guice a few years ago. I had always wondered why Butch did breakdowns on that book, and Mike Perkins told me this year that it was because Butch had broken his hand. I was laid up after hernia surgery when I inked that book, so maybe it was a bit of a cursed book. It was a LOT of fun to do though and it took my mind off of not being able to really function, ie. walk, after the surgery.


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