Sunday, January 07, 2007

Comedy Central!

I did these pieces for Comedy Central - I don't know 100% what they were for - I think it was for a tour T-Shirt and poster of comdians called "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", with Dave Attel being the "Ugly" and Lewis Black being the "Bad". I heard that everyone fell about the place when they got a look at Dave Attel's portrait - in the words of the guy who commissioned the peices -"You really f@*$ed him up!" I used to have a hat like the one I drew for Lewis Black waaay back in high school. Yes, I used to wear cowboyish hats and felt 40's hats and all-star chuck hightop sneakers and tie-dyes with a brown trench coat and Watchmen buttons. I would have worn skinny ties too if I'd had any collar shirts.
I'd love to draw more stuff like this, but there isn't much call for cowboy stuff in the U.S. comic book market right now. Anyway, I think the best western stories done in comic book form in the last 25 years were probably the Blueberry Series - and that was done by the French. I loved how tied into historical events it was - very much a precurser to Deadwood, which I just absolutely adored - I thought the first 16 or 17 episodes of that show were spectacular.


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