Sunday, January 07, 2007


Here's the shot for the cover of the second issue of SK8, a second issue that will sadly never come out. I always liked the image, and had really looked forward to drawing the fight between Sk8 and Pennance, but I just don't have the time or the money to throw at a second issue. I still have copies of the first issue clogging up my studio, and my first attempt at selling the book was heartrendingly difficult. It was a fun book and hopefully someday it will find a second life somewhere. It taught me a lot about telling a story and setting up shots, and finding my voice artisitically - I think it may have even helped me land my job at StanLeeMedia. Perhaps I'll publish the full book here on the blog, maybe panel by panel. I think I have some stuff that has even been colored and never seen (since the book was published in black and white). I'll give it some thought, although i don't like the set up that a blog offers sequential art - reading from the bottom up can be rather frustrating, since scrolling down past teh whole story reveals the whole darn thing at a glance... It'd be nice to see it have a life somewhere, I'll talk to Matt the writer about it-


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