Saturday, January 06, 2007

February's Pets!

The New Disney Adventures Magazine (dated Feb. 2007) is out and it has a new Jet Pack Pets story in it - "The Identity Crisis", wherin an Organ Grinder and his Monkey cause havok within the Mayor's office. Nice to see it come in the mail - I wasn't expecting it so close on the heels of the Winter edition of DA's Comic Zone. It was a fun comic for me to work on because I used an arrow-shaped panel for the fist time ever! Oh - people talk about using circular panels, or oval panels or various rombi, but who can even say they did an arrow shaped panel? AND - I used it to highten the action so that the arrow pointed back into the story, accentuating the hockey-check-like action that Rocky the Turtle was performing on the Monkey in order to stop him. Take that Scott McCloud! Mwoohahahahah..


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