Sunday, January 07, 2007

Self Portraiture!

This is a self portrait I did of myself at Stan Lee Media. It was intended to go up on their website as an introduction to all of their artists, along with a little bio. It was my self-written bio that halted production for a few days and begat the writing staff's participation in writing the biographies from then on. I think I had written something like "Scott Koblish's head was abducted from a vaugely uncomfortable life in New York City and taken to a far away planet where it was implanted into the plexus of a robotic body. As an emisarry for Stan Lee Media he was trained to kill, kill, kill, and has slaughtered his way across the stars in a doomed effort to regain his humanity and reunite his head with his body." I don't know why they didn't want to publish that one, I thought it was at least metaphorically acurate.
I later used this picture to try and get a date online. I didn't have a camera or a photograph of myself and I sent this picture. She didn't react well to the image - I think it went along the lines of "I will not play games with this, do not contact me again" or somesuch. Ah, yes, the world of dating.


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