Thursday, May 31, 2007

Weapon Countdown at 20 Days, and a few other books-

The Weapon is due in fine comic book shops on June 20th - only 20 days away. Here's a nice panel from issue 1-

There is an article about the Fantastic Five on the Pulse today - a brief interview with the Hoo-Haw-er hizself Titanic Tom DeFalco - here's a nice color shot from the first issue of that featuring The Sub-Mariner.

There's a nice write-up on Marvel Adventures Iron Man at Silver Bullet Comics - (MAIM #1 is apparently already out! Secure yours today) and a nice page from that-

That's it for today - I'm buried under my work for The Weapon issue 3.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pretty Sunset-

Took a nice walk with the little one tonight- she still insists that dusk is morningtime. She's 3 - why rush a fixed perspective on the world?

The Weapon Countdown! 25 days to go!

The countdown to the release of the first issue of The Weapon continues - with only 25 days to go!
There's an excellent podcast of Fred Van Lente and I talking about the Weapon with Miguel Rodrigues of that came online this week - you can check it out at the Indie Comics News site!
Here's a nice pick to tide you over until the next post-

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Weapon Issue One Countdown! 30 days!

Allright -30 more days to go until the first ssue of the Weapon is due on the stands! It will live on teh comic book stands in it's 25 PAGE, FULL COLOR GREATNESS!
You can see all three of the first solicited covers on my blog here (a few posts down). In the next week or so I will upload a higher res scan of a page or two that were previewed in the Pulse interview that Fred and I did a week or two back - until then - here's a nice panel from the book-

as an aditional note - I think there are 4 comic books (maybe 5, if the A-Next Trade Paperback comes out then) with my name on them shipping in July- Marvel Adventures Iron Man 2, The Fantastic Five - issues 1 and 2, and the Weapon issue 2. Whew! Even my pencils and brushes are tired!

Marvel Adventures Iron Man!

Marvel Adventures Iron Man needs a little lovin' too - the first issue is due out in the next few weeks and James Cordeiro really shines on this book. He is just an outstandingly great artist at inventing all sorts of technology - and MA Iron Man is the perfect book for him. Fred Van Lente's doing some great srcripts - will the Unicorn be on the scene soon?

New Pets for May!

A new Jet Pack Pets story is in May's Disney Adventures Magazine! I think the Police Captain needs to be woken up- This particular one's art is incorrectly attributed solely to me - Garry Black did the pencils and colors for this one, I only lent my inky lines. I think we're creeping up into the sixties, as far as how many Jet Pack Pets stories there are, so I imagine that a second Digest might be coming within the year...

Len Wein has a blog

Tired this morning - so I'm sucking down the java and scanning the web -
Len Wein is a writer. He writes a blog, and wants to have readers for said blog. Here's a quote from Len's blog-

"Could all of you on your various own blogs (those of you who have them, of course) make some mention that I'm back here blogging regularly again? I appear to have less than a hundred people a day checking in here and, for my ego's sake if nothing more, I'd like to get those numbers up."

Get to it-

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Violet in Blue

My Darling and Courageous Daughter Violet- in blue-

Cover for issue 3 of the Weapon!

Hi Everybody!
Here's the process I took on putting together the art for the 3rd Cover to the Weapon series
I originally started out with what I thought could be a running theme for all 4 issues, wherein Tommy and Megan fight their way across the whole of the 4 issue covers, but I dropped that idea when I did the first issue cover. Here's what all 3 would have looked like, side by side-

I ressurected that idea a bit for the second cover and you can see the results of that-

I decided after the second cover to go back to a little more simple image - I thought it might be neat to draw the main villain for issue 3 on the cover-

But then doubts crept in. I wanted to make sure everybody knew who the main character was, so I went back to drawing a shot of Tommy. I didn't want to repeat what I had done for issue 1, so I went in a little closer-

I didn't want to avoid the emblem on his chest, because I like how that looks, so I pulled back a bit and included Tommy holding his grandfather's sword - which would additionally help to establish that he's called "The Weapon" for a reason. I also got to play with the lighting a little bit more, giving him 2 light sources: one behind, one to his left -

I penciled and inked that puppy up-

and then Paul Mounts did all the really hard work - making a thing of beauty-

Friday, May 18, 2007

sorry about the pause

Sorry about not posting recently - a lot of stuff going on. I'm just about finished with the second issue of The Fantastic Five and am pouncing back onto the Weapon. There is some advance stuff out about the Weapon at the Comic-Con Pulse website and there should be some stuff about it in June at the Newsarama site as well. There is a podcast about the Weapon coming up from the site, and I think there's an article set up for a comicbook trade magazine in England. I'll post more about those last two when they come online - until then prepare for -DOOM!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Cerberus to buy majority of Chrysler for $7.4 bln

Cerberus to buy majority of Chrysler for $7.4 billion dollars.
There's got to be a joke somewhere in there that Chrysler is going to hell, right?
Cerberus? Gates of Hell?