Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cover for issue 3 of the Weapon!

Hi Everybody!
Here's the process I took on putting together the art for the 3rd Cover to the Weapon series
I originally started out with what I thought could be a running theme for all 4 issues, wherein Tommy and Megan fight their way across the whole of the 4 issue covers, but I dropped that idea when I did the first issue cover. Here's what all 3 would have looked like, side by side-

I ressurected that idea a bit for the second cover and you can see the results of that-

I decided after the second cover to go back to a little more simple image - I thought it might be neat to draw the main villain for issue 3 on the cover-

But then doubts crept in. I wanted to make sure everybody knew who the main character was, so I went back to drawing a shot of Tommy. I didn't want to repeat what I had done for issue 1, so I went in a little closer-

I didn't want to avoid the emblem on his chest, because I like how that looks, so I pulled back a bit and included Tommy holding his grandfather's sword - which would additionally help to establish that he's called "The Weapon" for a reason. I also got to play with the lighting a little bit more, giving him 2 light sources: one behind, one to his left -

I penciled and inked that puppy up-

and then Paul Mounts did all the really hard work - making a thing of beauty-


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