Thursday, May 31, 2007

Weapon Countdown at 20 Days, and a few other books-

The Weapon is due in fine comic book shops on June 20th - only 20 days away. Here's a nice panel from issue 1-

There is an article about the Fantastic Five on the Pulse today - a brief interview with the Hoo-Haw-er hizself Titanic Tom DeFalco - here's a nice color shot from the first issue of that featuring The Sub-Mariner.

There's a nice write-up on Marvel Adventures Iron Man at Silver Bullet Comics - (MAIM #1 is apparently already out! Secure yours today) and a nice page from that-

That's it for today - I'm buried under my work for The Weapon issue 3.


At 1:06 PM , Blogger Miguel Rodrigues said...

Man Scott, the inks look great and the overall finish is fantastic, Gracia does a wonderful job on the colors for M.A.I.M.

Maim... hum...


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