Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Trades -

There's a Thor trade coming out that features my inks over Stuart Immonen. I was returning to comics from my year+ Stan Lee Media hiatus, and was given a shot at inking Stuart in one of his darker modes. I think we complimented one another in this style; it worked out well enough that we took it over to the Hulk book. I'll be curious to see if it's got the "silent" issue we did - I experimented with 2 different styles of inking on that one, the style for the flashbacks was scratchy and loose, and the modern stuff wet and black, although I don't remember telling anyone I planned on doing it. Nobody complained. I inked most of this series straddling the coasts, started the project in Santa Monica and wrapping it up on the floor of an apartment smelling and watching the smoke rise from the ruins of the World Trade Center.


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