Friday, December 03, 2010

Marvel Adventures Super-Heroes #9 preview up!

Coming out this Wednesday! Here's a preview of my pencils and inks on Marvel Adventures Super-Heroes #9-

Inking news: There's a nice little story in the DCU Holiday Special starring Superman that also comes out next week, I lent my inky hand to the proceedings.

And at the end of the calendar year I'll be lending that same inky hand on the Legion Annual over Keith Giffen! This one is tremendously thrilling for me - I'm a big Keith Giffen fan and an even bigger Legion fan, so this has been very exciting for me to help ink the THIRD Legion Annual #1. It's really a great annual - I love the interplay between Vi and Ayla and the new Emerald Empress and Keith's pencils are so exciting and full of life. Long Live the Legion!


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