Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taco Bell!

Run to the border, everyone, 'cuz if you buy a kids meal at Taco Bell, you can get the Captain America comic that I drew! And some food, of course. Printed with special food-safe ink!

I loved drawing that one, Captain America is one of my all-time absolute favorites, and a character that is near and dear to my heart - here, I'll post 2 nice pages from it-

Enjoy your fajitas!

Just as an aside, the Granddaddy-o Dan DiDio has indicated that FC:Legion of Three Worlds #4 will be coming out on April 29th, or thereabouts! So, about 13 days or so-


At 5:30 PM , Blogger jayverni said...

Wish I had checked this before picking up some KFC from the local combo KFC Taco Bell for the kids. Now I have to go back tomorrow and make sure they have it...we are out in the country here....

At 11:42 PM , Blogger Scott Koblish said...

Not sure where a copy can really be found either - I checked with my local Taco Bell and they were clueless as to what I was talking about. Not a particularly good sign.

I have a friend who has a copy, but it wasn't come by through normal channels. I haven't even seen it, myself...

At 7:38 AM , Blogger Matt Spatola said...

Obviously not in-continuity, but nice to see the real Cap Steve Rogers again.


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