Thursday, December 04, 2008


I will be doing an appearance for the HERO Initiative on the 10th of December at the Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach. A whole bunch of artists will be signing and sketching for anybody who buys a copy of the “Hulk Covers” Book. The proceeds go to the HERO Initiative charity and they do really important work, so if you have a moment during this holiday season, go to their website at and see what you can do.


At 6:45 PM , Blogger Isaac said...

What's that wrecked thing in the background?

At 7:16 PM , Blogger Scott Koblish said...

That's the remnants of the detonated Gamma Bomb.
I wanted to put the Gamma Bomb in there, but thought, well i can't put it in there if he's in there, because he's spawned from the detonation of said bomb. And I remember seeing him visit it once.

...and the unexploded Gamma Bomb looks too much like a veiny c*ck, rising out of the desert. so that's out.

At 7:17 PM , Blogger Scott Koblish said...

Send me your new Vt. address in your next postcard-

At 7:29 PM , Blogger Isaac said...

Will do. Or I could email it to you. Maybe I'll do both.


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