Thursday, September 25, 2008

Well, anyway-

The Marvel Adventures FF issue I worked on is out - got the last few copies from my LCS-

One page I especially liked was page 5.
I changed my mind from the first layout-

Iron Man wasn't large enough for me in that final panel - the plus side was that he was doing something exciting (flying) - the minus side was that I couldn't really fit all I wanted to do in that page. I shifted the POV in panel 2. I also made the scenes of him dressing a vertical strip and made the figure take up a more vertical posture- I've been paying close attention to how George Perez sets up a page - he often plays around with the vertical and horizontal compositions.

The final. Tightening up the perspective, I found I had to shift his right knee outward and make the whole leg larger to accommodate. Also, I felt the reveal of the armor(s) in panel 2 would have lessened the impact of the big blowout panel at the bottom of the page, so I shifted Tony's entrance and silhouetted a single armor. I wanted to put a few armors in, but I thought that might be too confusing for the narrative of the story, which is about the Fantastic Four and not really about Iron Man. Also, the near lack of detail in the next to last panel helps to give the dressing sequence something akin to a full stop.


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