Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This post is stolen, but it remains true-

"We're down to the last few precious hours in the HERO INITIATIVE's auction for its latest batch of one-of-a-kind hand-drawn HULK #1 covers, including the other one that I did.

For those unaware, the HERO INITIATIVE is a charitable group dedicated to providing financial assistance to those members of our creative community who have fallen upon hard times. They've helped out any number of pros in dire straits time and again--and their head guy, Jim McLaughlin, has served tirelessly and without much in the way of thanks, in the service of those in need.

To take a look at the latest flight of 10 HULK #1 covers up for sale, including mine, go to eBay right now.

And if you want to bid my little entry up a bit, hey, who can fault you for having such good taste for such a good cause?"

i just didn't have the energy after today to write it, so I found Tom Brevoort's explanation of the same auction and posted it here. It's accurate. The link goes tot the proper place, and you can find my auction there.

You can find my address to everyone at Gettysberg here.


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