Monday, September 15, 2008

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #40!

I'm working on a Captain America custom comic this month, when I find out more about when and where it comes out, I will post it here - it's a great script and I get to stretch out a bit with a few different scenes and some interior changes in pacing.

In 9 days my issue of MA Fantastic Four hits the stands, Chris Eliopoulos wrote a fantastic script! On the same day, a second-printing with a variant cover for FC:Legion of 3 Worlds #1 will hit stands.

My Local Comic Shop (LCS) sold out of the Legion book in a matter of days, so I'm glad they're printing up a few extra copies. All new Legion fans will be welcomed with open arms - remember, the tryouts are only for potential Legionnaires, not their readers. I think everyone will be pleased with issue 2; a ton of work and research is going into each issue, quite a thrill to see it all come together. I remember vividly the first day I read Geoff's script for issue 2 - it was an absolute joy, and I got a better understanding of the overall structure of the series, which is just brilliant.

Marvel usually posts some preview pages online the week before their books go on sale, so when they pop up for MAFF, I'll post them here. If I can think up some sort of commentary, I'll do it-


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