Sunday, August 10, 2008

Calling all Romita Raiders!

Because I have absolutely no free time, but a gazillion ideas - I thought of writing some sort of article about the Romita Raiders - anybody out there have any idea of all the members? I've got a few names, including some of the guys I served with, but I'm not even clear on how many of these guys there were-

Keith Williams(19-?)
Don Hudson (19-?)
Mark McKenna (19-?)
Kevin Maguire (19-)
Vince Mielcarek (19-?)
Brad Vancata (19-?)
Scott Kollins (19-?)
Mark Alexander (1986-87)
Tom Morgan (19-?)
Vince Mielcarek (19-? died 1992)
Chris Ivy (19-?)
Phil Lord
Jim Fry
Steve Geiger
Rodney Ramos
Jose Marzan Jr. (19-?)
Bud LaRosa
Frank Percy (1992)
Delayne Hawkins (1993-1994, died 1994)
Jim Reddington (1 month, 1993)
Bill Wylie (1992-1993)
Chris Rienkewitz (1992-1993)
Scott Koblish (1993)
Yancy LaBatt (1993-1994)
Pond Scum (1993-2001). later Art Director at Marvel


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