Thursday, August 07, 2008

Random Hyperbole

The Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds book is due on the stands in 13 days. It should be worth it-
iFanboy has made the Captain America trade paperback I worked on (lo those many years ago) their book of the month. I imagine they only have 12 of those, so it's nice that they chose it.
I'm pencilling an inking half an issue of Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four, the half that has Reed and Sue in it.
The trade for the second half of George's run on the Brave and the Bold comes out either this coming week or next, I'm not sure which.
I think the American Dream trade comes out within the next 30 days as well...
My bro' Tim is getting engaged, so congrats to Tim and his lovely bride to be!
The Weapon trade paperback, which I pencilled and inked should be coming out in October.


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