Tuesday, March 11, 2008

If I die before I wake-

My daughter, this morning, became upset when I walked ahead of her by a step or two. "Daddy, I want to be the leader - I want to be FIRST!" When I got to the base of the stairs first, she started pouting and became very upset. So when I die, I'd like for her to be the first one to let people know, all right?


At 8:47 PM , Anonymous Mike said...

Did you ever meet Dave Stevens? I remember walking Will from one of his panels to another at the 2000 WonderCon, and he walked over to some guy sitting at a display of Dave Stevens artwork, and I didn't say anything because I was like "Holy shit, that's Dave Stevens." And he wasn't paying attention to me anyway because he was thinking, "I know I'm hot shit because Will Eisner knows me."

At 10:33 PM , Blogger Scott Koblish said...

Holy cow! - you knew Will Eisner?!

The last time I saw will, he didn't recognize me, although I didn't make it easy on him because I had blue hair at the time...

No, I never met Dave Stevens, although I had read the Rocketeer once when I was young, I hadn't even run into a circle of his until much later when I was at Stan Lee Media, where there were a few L.A. people that knew him well enough. They spoke highly of him.

At 6:18 AM , Anonymous Mike said...

Well, I knew I was going to see him at the con, so I brought a tear-sheet from the portfolio annual to jog his memory. He would have remembered you easier if you'd brought a copy of the class annual you did the cover for he inked.

That last meeting was around the time I started the current draft of that dog and boy story I've been kicking around forever. I broached on it with Will, but wrapped-up the issue when I started to sense my own disappointment and despair in what I was saying.

I've now picked up drawing that story out again because I read Scott McCloud commenting how displaying comic panels with a click-through slide-show disrupts the time-map aspect of comics, and I know enough about CSS to reveal overlapping panels by moving the browser scrollbar, thereby perhaps reconciling the time-map aspect of comics with the slide-show (if you can imagine such a thing). I think that presentation will compliment that naive style I draw in. It'll be simple enough for others to replicate, and might be attractive enough to start a trend in web presentation. (As you can see, art school has ruined my life.)


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