Sunday, October 15, 2006


Good riddance. CBGB's long ago outlived it's usefullness to New York - if you want to catch up and coming acts in the NY area your best bet is Arlene's Grociery, or Max Fish, or Bowery Ballroom or any of about a half a million bars and musical venues in the 1 mile area with at least a claim to real energy and excitement. Can't remember the last time that venue had anyone I wanted to go see, and you can only live off of the slimey residue of "the good old days" for longer than, oh - say 30 years. T-shirt sales do not a valuable venue for artistic expression make.

Better off going to Vegas where they can live off the name - we'll see how long the owners of CBGBOMFUG can get away without paying the rent to it's new Vegas masters.


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